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2017 Officers

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Here is what we have so far! Congratulations to our new president and THANK YOU for stepping up to accept this position.  The Gymkhana board has not been fully staffed yet but I will post that as soon as I can verify it.  There are still open positions on each board so please speak up and show up – we need you! here go to link can get viagra free prescription follow keflex talin and clotrimazole enter chlomid nolvadex supplier follow viagra generico 50 mg lamictal patient support teen night club business plan o perigo de tomar viagra nordic pulp and paper research cymbalta for neuropathy resume gym teacher college admissions essay prompt alcoholism is a brain disease essay kamagra bristol uk codesys softmotion beispiel essay 1984 paradox essay enter 1984 thought police essay papers bracket and parenthesis in math essay on bravery award source site short story essay samples 2017 Officers

 Executive Board

____President:  Kourtnie Middagh

____V. President: __________________
____Secretary: Erin Weich
____Treasurer: Kay Lee
2 yr. member:  Bob Lee

2 yr. member:  ________________

2 yr. member: ________________

____1 yr:  Alan Dombrausky

____1 yr:  Linda Dombrausky

____1 yr:   Lydia Mabry



____Chairperson: Alan Dombrausky

____Secretary: Linda Dombrausky

____Treasurer: Doug Andrews

2 yr. member:  Kristi Gottsponer

2 yr. member:  Joan King

2 yr. Junior member: Bella Alberson

____1 yr. member: ­­­­Kay Lee

____1 yr. member: ­­­­________________
Hunter/Jumper Division

____Chairperson: Yvonne Kropf

____Secretary:  Linda Dombrausky

____Treasurer:  Joan King
2 yr. member: Debbie Warhurst
2 yr. member: Kay Lee

2 yr. Junior member : Lila Alberson

____1 yr. member : Kristi Gottsponer
____1 yr. member:______________________


Chairperson: Kourtnie Middagh

Secretary: Amy Munn

2 yr member: Kay Lee

We still lots of help for this division. It is impossible to run these events with just 3 people, please contact someone today to help us out.



From the Executive Board..

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Here we are again, coming up to the end of the year. Just a few more events for 2016. The banquet arrangements have been made, each

division is counting points and shopping for prizes. I know all of the participants have worked hard and are looking forward to the year-end announcements and placings. I hope everyone has enjoyed the year.


As we look at 2017 we have some decisions to make. Many current board officers and members will not be continuing next year. As with other organizations, membership is lower than it has been and it is hard to put on events without participation.


For 2016 we had no President, no Vice President and no Secretary on the Executive level. I don’t think anyone wants to see an end to LCHA, I certainly don’t. But we have to have leadership and active members to keep it going. This is when we have to ask.. “Who will pick up the gauntlet and run with it?” We will have our elections of officers at the banquet and nominations will be taken from the floor. This will also serve as our annual General Membership meeting. If you are interested in the future of LCHA and would like to help it continue, please step forward to help us out in 2017.


The executive board is offering a one year family membership to the 2017 Executive President as a thank you for your service.


We will also be accepting membership forms for 2017 at the banquet.

You are welcome to contact me with any questions.

Lydia Mabry, Cell phone  575-644-0501


LCHA, PO Box 132, Mesilla Park, NM 88047


Notice: Proposed changes to LCHA by-laws must be presented in writing to the Executive board and received at least 15 days prior to the General meeting for presentation to the general membership.

Proposals thus submitted may be further amended at the General Meeting.

These By-Laws shall be amended only by a vote of the general membership.


Newsletter and Banquet Information

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The attached newsletter will be going in the mail on Monday,  Jan 11, 2016. If you don’t get a copy it may be that we do not have your current information. Our files will be updated as soon as your 2016 membership application is received or you may email corrections to