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  1. LCHA

    Election Results – December 2, 2014

    Executive Board
    President – Lydia Mabry
    V. President – Mary Alba
    Secretary – Myr Andrews
    Treasurer – Kay Lee
    Member – Bob Lee

    Chairman – Al Dombrausky
    Secretary – Linda Dombrausky
    Treasurer – Doug Andrews
    2 yr. member – Bill Gammill
    1 yr. member – Joan King

    President – Yvonne Kropf
    Secretary – Linda Dombrausky
    Treasurer – Kay Lee
    2 yr. member – Kailie Dombrausky
    2 yr. member – Kristi Gottsponer
    1 yr. member –Joan King

    President – Casey Roberts
    Secretary – Jennifer Para
    Treasurer – Carey Matthews
    2 yr. member –
    2 yr. member – Julie Bragg
    2 yr. member – Chancie Roberts
    2 yr. member – Mike Matthews
    1 yr. member – Kay Lee
    1 yr. member – Lindsey Wilken
    Write In – Amy Donaker

    President – Lydia Mabry
    Secretary – Erin Weich
    Treasurer – Kay Lee
    2 yr. member –
    1 yr. member –

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