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Membership Levels

Level Price  
Single $22.00 per Year. Select
Family $32.00 per Year. Select
Guest Free Select


LCHA membership is $30.00 for a family or $20 for an individual. A family includes a couple or single parent and unmarried children who live with them. All memberships must be paid prior to the start of any event for those points to count toward year-end awards. A rider’s age as of January 1 determines the age group he/she rides in for the entire year.

***Online payments will include a $2 fee to cover cost of banking services. ***

Terms and Conditions of Membership:

Your use of this site indicates your agreement to the following Terms & Conditions of Membership based on the LCHA By-Laws.


Section V.a. MEMBERSHIP: Memberships will be (1) Family membership, riding and non-riding must be listed on the application, (a family is considered to be a husband and/or wife, and unmarried children living at home full time) and (2) Single membership. There will be two (2) classes of members – annual and life.

Section V.b. APPLICATION AND ADMISSION: Members of the Association shall be admitted, retained and expelled in accordance with such rules and regulations as the Board of Directors may from time to time adopt.

Section V.c. MEMBERS:  Members shall be admitted to the Association upon signing written application and injury release form accompanied by initial membership fees, unless rejected within 30 days by the Board of Directors.

Section V.d.  VOTING AND RIGHTS: All adult members (18 and older as of January 1 of the year in question) in good standing shall have equal rights, interests, and responsibilities, with respect to the Association and its property.  All adult members, listed under a single or family membership, shall have the right to vote in all membership meetings and to hold office, as set forth in Article II of theses By-Laws. Members are entitled to attend all meetings of the Association Board or the Boards of any Division. Members, ages 17 and younger, will be non-voting members. There will be no proxy voting.

Section V.e. DUES: Annual dues shall be $30.00 for family memberships and $20.00 for single memberships. Dues are due and payable to the Association Secretary at the first of each calendar year or upon application for membership in the Association.

Section V.f.  WORK/FEE:  In order to receive year-end awards, each competitor must work 8.0 hours per each division that they qualify in for awards. Member may have a representative/s complete the hours for them. Competitor or representative may complete the work hours for the division of their choice. If the work hours are not completed by the end of the season a fee of $100.00 per competitor will be assessed for each division they qualify in for year end prizes.

Section V.g. MONIES:  All monies collected must be deposited in the appropriate Association/Division account within fourteen (14) days of any event/function with a breakdown of all monies accounted for. Any person presenting two checks to the Organization or any of its Divisions that are backed by insufficient funds will thereafter be required to pay fees in cash.

 Section V.h. TERMINATION/SUSPENSION:  Any person(s) displaying improper, unsportsmanlike or unsafe behavior, abusive language or cruelty to animals, use of alcoholic beverages or narcotic drugs, vandalism and/or destruction of property at any Association-sponsored event will be asked by the event director/manager to immediately leave the event and will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action by the Association Board of Directors.