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Glossary of Terms

I’ve borrowed a few items for our page and it is a work in progress as we add more information. A complete Glossary of Terms for Eventing can be found on the Discover Eventing website:

  • Bank Jump: Bank jumps are steps up or down from one level to another, and can be single jumps or built as a “staircase” of multiple banks.
  • Error: A mistake made in the performance of the dressage test. The first error is penalized by 2 points, the second by 4, and the third results in Elimination. This term also applies to cross-country involving compulsory passages and obstacles that must be passed or jumped in order under penalty of elimination, would be considered a technical elimination.


  • Rider Levels: There are six levels of eventing at horse trials in the United States which are run under the rules of the United States Equestrian Federation. There are also international-level horse trials which are run by the FEI. These events have levels designated by the star system.
At LCHT, we host horse trails levels from Preliminary to Beginning Novice plus a Pre-Competition level for our newest riders and horses:

Explanation of levels:

Level  Dressage  Cross-Country
 Show Jumping
Beginner Novice  Beginner Novice A

Beginner Novice B

 Distance -1400-2000m

Speed – 300-350mpm

Number of Obstacles–  14-18

Height – 2’7” (3’ Brush)

 Speed – 300mpm

Number of Obstacles – 9-11

Height – 2’7”

Novice  Novice A

Novice B

 Distance – 1600-2200m

Speed – 350-400mpm

Number of Obstacles –  16-20

Height – 2’11” (3’7” Brush)

 Speed – 320mpm

Number of Obstacles – 9-11

Height – 2’11”

Training  Training A

Training B

 Distance – 2000-2600m

Speed – 420-470mpm

Number of Obstacles – 20-24

Height – 3’3” (3’11” Brush)

 Speed – 325mpm

Number of Obstacles – 10-12

Height – 3’3”

Preliminary  Preliminary A

Preliminary B

Preliminary C

 Distance – 2200-3300m

Speed – 520mpm

Number of Obstacles – 22-30

Height – 3’7” (4’3” Brush)

 Speed – 350mpm

Number of Obstacles – 11-13

Height – 3’7”

Intermediate  Intermediate A

Intermediate B

 Distance – 2600-3800m

Speed – 550mpm

Number of Obstacles – 26-34

Height – 3’9” (4’5” Brush)

 Speed – 350mpm

Number of Obstacles – 12-14

Height – 3’11

Advanced  Advanced A

Advanced B

 Distance – 3200-4400m

Speed – 570mpm

Height – 3’11 (4’7” Brush)

 Speed – 375 mpm

Number of Obstacles – 13-15

Height – 4’1”

Trakehner – A Trakehner consist of a rail over a ditch. Trakehners are first seen at training level. Trakehners were originally fencelines that were built in drainage ditches