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Election for 2022 Officers was done via US Mail this year. The Ballots were counted March 2, 2022, by the executive board.

This is the results of the mail-in ballot.


 Executive Board

President:  Robin Lackey

V. President: Yvonne Kropf

Secretary: Erin Weich

Treasurer: Kay Lee

2 yr member:  Melissa Gardea

2 yr member: Doug Andrews

1 yr member: Lydia Mabry

1 yr member: J.D. Younker


Chairperson: Doug Andrews

Secretary: Shaina Adams

Treasurer: Doug Andrews

2 yr. member: Yvonne Kropf

2 yr. member: Elena Bronisz

1 yr. member: Joan King­­­

1 yr. member: Kristi Gottsponer­­­­

Hunter/Jumper Division

Chairperson: Yvonne Kropf

Secretary:  Shaina Adams

Treasurer:  Joan King

2 yr. member: Kristi Gottsponer

2 yr. member: Jason Adams

1 yr. member: Debbie Warhurst

1 yr. member: Stephanie Reardon



Point Secretary:  Robin Lackey, Interim

Treasurer: Kathy Montoya

2 yr. member:

2 yr. member: Tyler Thomas

2 yr. member:

1 yr. member: Manny Quintanilla

1 yr. member: Kay Lee

1 yr. member: Jake Montoya




Secretary: Robin Lackey

2 yr:

2 yr: