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LCHA Gymkhana 2024 season
March 16-17
April 20-21
May 18-19
September 21-22
October 19-20

2024 Gymkhana Results are posted here!

The gymkhanas will be held at Landmark Mercantile 12000 Stern Dr, Mesquite, NM. Entry office will open at 8 am and Grand Entry will start at 9 am, followed immediately by the leadline event.

The Entry form has been updated for 2024 and is attached below. If you want to do early entry you may do so by emailing the form to LCHA @ lcha88001 @ 

Entry Form is here!

Membership Form is here

FACEBOOK – Gymkhana Division now has their own Facebook page and will be posting updates there as well as here on the website. Here is the link – click here!


Welcome to our 2024 season!  

We have added a novice class A novice is a rider who is learning and needs a little extra help but they may only compete in the novice class for 1 year. Please remember that our novice riders will be run with their age group but they will not receive points so they are allowed to have help from a parent or coach in the arena.

We will also continue our payback fun event. Please visit our Facebook page and tell us what events you would like to participate in to help us raise money for the year-end awards.

We have planned 10 gymkhanas this year. A rider must enter and ride in at least 7 of the gymkhanas to qualify for year-end awards. The best 7 out of 10 will be used to calculate year-end points. Riders must be members of the Las Cruces Horseman’s Association for points to count toward year end awards. (See attachment below.)

Each rider must have 8 work hours assigned to their name. Hours can be completed by any representative. All 8 hours must be completed by the last gymkhana or the $100 work fee must be paid that day. If either of these options is not fulfilled by the end of the last gymkhana the rider will not qualify for year-end awards. Lela Gooden will keep records of the hours work. Please see her at the end of each day to have your hours recorded and verified.

Every age group will be competing in 5 events for year-end awards.

Las Cruces Horseman’s Association Gymkhana Events: If contestant enters 6 events, contestants will mark (NP) on their entry form no points for the event that will not be counted for points. Only 5 events count toward year end points ,and must be declared during registration.

  • Barrels- Contestants may run to either the right or left barrel first.  A contestant may not turn any barrel more than once.  This will result in disqualification.  If the forward motion is lost this will result in disqualification.  Contestants and horses are permitted to touch the barrel. There will be a five-second penalty for each barrel that is knocked over.
  • Poles– Contestant will weave thru six poles. Contestant or horse will be permitted to touch the poles.  Knocking a pole over will result in a five-second penalty. Also, if a pole is knocked down and the contestant does not follow the weave pattern around the original base position of the fallen pole, it is considered a broken pattern. A broken pattern shall be defined as breaking their forward motion to retrace their tracks to finish the pattern and /or passing the plane of the pole on the offside.
  • Flags- Contestants may turn the barrel on either the right or left side.  Contestant my circle the barrel if they do not lose forward momentum.  Not following the pattern will result in disqualification.  Knocking the bucket over is a five-second penalty.  Knocking the bucket and barrel over is a ten-second penalty.  
  • Straight 8- Contestants can approach on either the right or left side of the first barrel and must complete a figure 8 pattern around the remaining barrels exiting on the opposite side they entered. The barrels will be 21 feet apart and there will be a 5-second penalty for each barrel that is knocked over.
  • TWO**Fun Events – These events change at each gymkhana and will be announced at the start of each day. The possible events can be found on the LCHA website under the gymkhana tab. There will be a printable document with rules and information.
  • **Payback Event – This event will offer a payback based on each event. It is a fundraiser only and no points are awarded. All ages will compete together.

You may send pre-entries by e-mail to [email protected] to avoid long lines and late fees. Entries fees will be accepted the morning of the event . All exhibitions and paybacks must be paid when entry is submitted, prior to the event.

Entry Form is attached below.

Please note NEW GATE RULE: Participant will enter the arena through an open gate. The alley way should be kept clear for safety of rider and spectators. The gate will be closed after rider has entered and will remain closed during the run. The gate will be opened once the run has been completed and only when the horse is in control and able to exit safely. It is the responsibility of the gate keeper to ensure the safety of the gate area. 

The gymkhanas will be held at Landmark Mercantile 12000 Stern Dr, Mesquite, NM.

Entry office will open at 8 am and Grand Entry will start at 9 am, followed immediately by the leadline event. This year we will run the oldest age group first and end with the 6 and under. The exhibitions will only be for barrels and poles and will run at the beginning of each event. Exhibition riders must be pre-entered and will be limited to current members only.

Age Groups – January 1 determines your age group for the 2024 season.

  • Lead-line – children age 6 and under who do not ride alone
  • 6 years & under
  • 7-9 years
  • 10-12 years
  • 13-17 years
  • 18-39 years
  • 40 years & over

Remember that all riders must wear long pants, shirts with sleeves and boots with a defined heel of at least ¼ inch. No tank tops or sleeveless shirts, short pants, no shorts or tennis shoes will be allowed.

We look forward to seeing everyone this year.

For more information contact: [email protected]

We will use the 2020 New Mexico 4-H Rodeo Rules as a guideline. (posted below).

Additional rules specific to LCHA are posted in documents below.

Looking for a free program to open and edit pdf files? Try Nitro – here is the link to the free version